James Gurney Gamut Mask Tool for Photoshop

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james gurney gamut masking tool for photoshop by serena archetti smilinweapon PSD color wheel

Download the PSD Here

James Gurney Gamut Mask Tool for Photoshop

I want to share with you this PSD I made after reading Color and Light by James Gurney. If you have read the book you already know what this is all about and why it is so important. If you haven't and you are struggling with picking good colors for your paintings, I highly recommend you spend a few minutes checking out the links  I put at the bottom of this page.

In short: Using this interactive tool by following James Gurney's teachings can help you find harmonious colors on the color wheel. Picking a color palette can be daunting and if you just started painting, even frustrating. That is because there is a lot of science behind it and light that needs to be understood in order to master its use. There is many resources out there that do a wonderful job covering this topic. Gurney's book is one I will make sure to list more for you in the near future.

Check out James Gurney explains warm and cool gamut mapping Video From imaginefx
To learn more about gamut masking and James Gurney himself check out his amazing blog

The concept of Gamut masking (and much more) is best explained in his book: 


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