Review: Trying out Bosto Kingtee 19MA

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Bosto Kingtee 19MA

Review: Trying out Bosto Kingtee 19MA"EDIT: I have had the chance to use this table for a while now. I have to say it was really a great investment. I have always had problems with my old tablet due to not being able to see where I was drawing (I have awful coordination!). Now I feel more comfortable working and I noticed a great improvement in my artwork as well.

If you are like me and feel like you just can't get used to not being able to see where you put your pen. A tablet display can probably help you. I know it is saving me a lot of frustration!"
Unboxing Trying out Bosto Kingtee 19MA

I bought my new "Bosto Kingtee 19MA" on the 13th of March. It was shipped from China on the 15th and arrived really quickly, in the UK, 3 days later.  The tablet itself looks and feels beautiful,  it is  a delight to be able to draw right on the screen.  I have had the tablet for two days, I am now very happy with the product but I have to admit that the first day I was concerned.  We spent most of the day trying to make the drivers work properly (I mostly just watched in agony while my boyfriend fixed it).  We had to contact customer service a few times, they were very helpful, fast responding and they made the process of installing and setting everything up a bit less painful. Although I think the software is not very user friendly, once you get it to work it does what it is meant to do properly.


  • 10 express keys.
  • Doesn't lose precision at the edges of the screen.
  • Easy to plug in.
  • Doesn't heat up. ( I have kept it on for 12 hours straight and it was only slightly warm in the middle of the screen).
  • It is very light.
  • Drawing quality is good and it doesn't lag.
  • The tablet itself feels well made and the design is beautiful.
  • Inclination is easy to change.
  • 19 inch screen gives a lot of surface area to draw on. ( This is extra points for me because anything bigger than this would not fit on my cluttered desk!)
  • The screen is 16:10 ratio.
  • Can be used without having to mirror the primary screen. 
  • Matte paper-like surface to draw on.


  • Screen will appear to be changing colours and brightness when viewed at certain angles.
  • The stand cant rotate, only go up and down. (You might be able to get your own stand though, I have yet to look into this.)
  • Glass thickness causes the cursor to, sometimes, appear a millimetre off the position of the pen tip. ( I don't mind this but some people might find it a bit frustrating at first).



  • It is very light, it feels like a real fine tip pen.
  • Battery lasts for 80 hours with very little charge time.
  • Draws beautifully once set up correctly.
  • Accurate.  (doesn't have that horrible snap to grid feel when you draw like some other tablets get.)

  • It automatically turns on instantly when you start drawing and turns off when idle for a while ( You won't even have to worry about it, it looks after itself).


  • Only has one button.
  • Battery powered. ( It comes with a charger, you don't have to buy battery).
  • The nibs that come with the tablet are made of hard plastic.
  •  It doesn't have an eraser.

Overall I think this is a really nice tablet, very well made and undeniably good value  for its price. The company is still new but they are really helpful and care about their customers.  I would recommend this to students or anyone who is looking to buy a tablet and not spend a fortune on it. This would definitely be worth a 5-star if the screen didn't colours and brightness when not looking straight at it.

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