Real Ivy leaf Brush Free Photoshop Download from Smilinweapon

9:27:00 AM

Real Ivy Brush Free Photoshop Download from Smilinweapon

Hi everyone! It is soon to be new year and since I am going to spend it sitting at home comforting my poor puppy who is terrified of fireworks and on Skype with my love who is far far away.. I finally have some "free" time to upload some goodies!

I really hope you like this brush :) It is part of a bigger set but since I love it so much I want to share it with everyone~
Making this brush was fun, I went out to hunt down ivy in the woods because I want it to be the real thing! Photographed it and then cleaned it all up in PS~ so much work ay?

If you use it let me know so I can fav your work! <3
Also if you can link to the brush so that more people can find it it would be really sweet of you <3

This brush is part of a premium set you can find here!  Or check out more Brushes and Resources <3

 Lots of Love! And Happy New Year!


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