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I know that a lot of people out there that really want to get better at art but doesn't know how, some of us want to go to school but are too young or just can't afford it yet. Luckily the internet is full of resources and wonderful artists who are not shy about sharing their wonderful knowledge with the rest of the world. Today's journal is a small list of things that can help us learn and for free!


James Gurney's Blog, He is the man behind Dinotopia and some of the best art books out there, I personally adore his work especially his books.  Just go to the Blog Index on the left and you can easily navigate across all his tips on  traditional art, If you think you are only interested in digital art you should still give this blog a good look ,the things he teaches work for ALL mediums. ;)


Scott Robertson's Channel on YouTube is a little gold mine for all of those who are interested in concept art. He is a former teacher of Art Centre college, and has taught some of the most emergent concept artist of our time. He uploads a tutorial almost every Friday of average 30 minutes long . I am a subscriber and I suggest you do so as well!


Feng Zhu is my personal hero and his YouTube channel is the aspiring Concept Artist's heaven, The most common comment on his videos is "I have learned more watching this video then in 3 years of art school" There is 63 Episodes of his Design Cinema as for now and some of them are 2 hours long... I highly suggest that you invest your time in watching these videos, if you have never had any art training before this is likely to blow your mind. So I will see you again in a week or so after you are done watching all of the videos. Chop chop ;)


Considering to take life drawing classes but cant for any reason?  This website can help you! There is probably many other websites out there but I like this one because of the "Class mode" feature. It will automatically switch pictures after a specific amount of time, just like you would do during a real life drawing class. I know a lot of people say that drawing from photos is useless and it is better to have a model, but sometime we just don't have anyone to pose for us. In my opinion is better to draw from a photo then not to practice at all.  This website has a section for as well, some of the photographs aren't that great but it is free and it means good.
Link  Figure Drawing :
Link  Animal Drawing:

I know a lot of people dread picking colours, colour theory isn't hard to grasp but it is sometime tricky to put to practice. I am not going to focus on explaining how to  "KNOW" what is right but i am going to list some tools and tutorial that can certainly help: If you want to know anything about Light and Colour, Jeremy Vickery is the man to listen to. He has some splendid DVDs which I have personally watched at least 20 times (I am not kidding!)  I wish I could say he has a lot of free resources out but sadly I couldn't find that much, his dA page has some video tutorials that are still very helpful.
html  These posts from James Gurney is also extraordinary helpful. Make sure you look at part 1, 2 and 3. :)
Gamut Masking Method Part 1:
Mask tool:
You can also download a Gamut mask photoshop version I made to help us digital artists :)

Sadly this is all i have time to post today but there will be more in the near future. Please remember that those are the ones I follow, there is plenty of very skilled people out there beside my favourites. :)
My next journal will be dedicated to a little less free ways to find information but they are all worth the money, so stay tuned for books and videos!

If you know any good website of artist for free quality resources please let us all know with a comment! It could even be yourself!

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