Why you should read this book. VIsion and art the biology of seeing.

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VIsion and art the biology of seeing book review

Hello my dear fellow artists!

Today I want to share my opinion about one of the many art book in my collection Vision and art the biology of seeing.

To start I would like to clarify that this is not the conventional art book. In fact some people might not consider it an art book at all, but I believe that the knowledge within its pages should be with anyone who is serious about making beautiful art, whether your medium is digital or traditional, your style abstract, cartoony or hyper realistic. 

This book starts with a overview on how the  eye and the brain works, from the anatomy of cells that form our eyes all the way across the history of art.  Some people are led to think that a painting like the Monna Lisa  or  La Rue Montorgueil, or many others, are famous just because the artist was famous or even worse "because the look good". Although they do look good, by saying that, we don't give them half the credit they truly deserve.

This book takes you behind the scenes, into the artist mind and tells you "WHY" and "HOW" the artist has managed to make it look good. It is very scientific, sometime you might have to read a chapter twice but it is not overly complicated, it is written in a simple and clear manner and gives you some of the base knowledge you need to build your skill upon if you want to achieve very good results in your art.

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